ABOUT WORKSHOP JAZZINTY 2021 (16.—21. 8. 2021)

Workshop Jazzinty is a one-week intense musical education course open for anyone, who is interested in improvised and jazz music, no matter what your instrument or level of education is. We require a basic understanding of your instrument, whereas a past experience in jazz or improvised music isn’t necessary. The workshop is annually attended by 100 participants, coming from all across Europe, USA, even Indonesia, Korea and Africa.

We differ from other music workshops with these important concepts:

  • the categories are led by systematically selected mentors, internationally renowned teachers and active musicians, who come from different European universities and the vibrant New York scene.
  • The intense, one-week educational module on the highest level is being taught from basic, intermediate and advanced levels with a focus on individualism and stimulating a personal voice.
  • The participants have a unique opportunity of playing in international combo ensembles, which are organized before the start of the workshop by analyzing your reference videos. Playing music with musical colleagues from all around the world is a priceless experience for any young musicians.
  • The networking, which happens through relaxed and informal meetings among mentors, students, audiences and journalists is always vibrant and bears creative fruit. Jazzinty is often the beginning of a new musical project, a new ensemble, a new international cooperation or a first-hand look into studying jazz abroad.
  • Jazzinty has a rich, 20-year old tradition of organizing, which is shown in our past educational programs, concert events and our professional infrastructure and technical capacities. 

Workshop takes place from Monday until Saturday (accommodations until Sunday morning). It is possible to apply to only one category / mentor with whom participants will attend combo rehearsals in the morning, afternoon lectures and individual lessons.

Method of payment is bank transfer. Participants will receive payment reciept on first day at registration. If the payer is a legal entity, you must send your data by mail and organizer will send you an invoice. If the payer is different from the applicant, enter the information of the payer and the person to whom you pay at the bottom of the application in the window »Notes«.

Subject of payment: registration fee Jazzinty
Recipient: Zavod Novo mesto, Novi trg 5, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia
Bank: Banka Slovenije, Ljubljana
Acc. Number: 01285-6030358748
IBAN: SI56 0110 0600 8342 993
Reference: NRC 00 21502

Application is possible via registration form on our website: https://forms.gle/Mt81vjXaG2eU39DD9. You will receive confirmation of acceptance on e-mail. Deadline for the submission of the applications is August 2nd, 2021. The number of participants is limited.

Applicants must fully pay the workshop fee before coming to Jazzinty. Payment is possible by bank transfer or postal order as explained under “Payment” section. Prices (VAT incl.):
active participation I. (regular price for all categories for 6 days): 200 €
active participation II. (regular price for “Introduction to jazz for 6 days): 100 €
passive participation I. (all lectures): 70 €
passive participation II. (Per lecture): 20 €

10% discount (discounts do not sum up!):
• If application and payment is before June 30, 2019,
• in case of three persons applying together (all three must fill the application form and state the other two persons)

5% discount (discounts do not sum up!):
• for ex-participants, students, pensioners and disabled people

Bed with breakfast is available in Youthostel Situla in town centre, max. 300m from all festival locations. Participants can choose between 2 to 8 bed dorms with shared TWC from 18,50 € to 27 € (per pers./day). You select your accommodation (if needed) in the application form. Accommodation is paid on he first day at registration.
To book a high-standard room or single room check at Hotel Center / Pri Belokranjcu.

Mail: jazzinty@novomesto.si
Phone: +386 40 627 427, +386 51 201 452


Between 9 and 10 am, the participants have the opportunity to “tune”, to prepare for a whole day’s work. Every morning, one of the mentors presents their own morning routine. It is also a time to exchange ideas and visions, which will enable the participants to have the optimal learning experience.

All the participants are placed into different combo ensembles, where they will rehearse the repertoire for the Saturday’s participant’s concert. The rehearsals take place in the music school and are assembled after analyzing the participants reference videos. The combo ensembles are led by mentors of the workshop and focus on each mentor’s original music and their personal style. 

The afternoon part of the educational process begins with group lectures about different musical thematics. This year’s lectures will focus on a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the use of electronics in music, labels and musicians rights, composition, arranging, etc.

The mentor lessons take place in the afternoon in the music school. Every participant has individual or group lessons with his mentor of choice. The small groups are assembled by the mentor on the first day, focusing on the participants level or style of playing and the capacity of the individual category.

The integral part of the education process are the evening jam sessions. The stage is ready and set for playing after 10 pm every night in the Cultural centre. The participants can play and improvise with their colleagues, mentors and other guests.

Accompanying the workshop, the Jazzinty festival takes place at the same time. Novo Mesto becomes the centre of concerts from the most sought-after Slovenian musicians and most creative composers. This year’s festival is focusing on Slovenian vocal jazz. 


In 2021, Jazzinty is starting its “artist in residence” program, which brings a world-known musician to the workshop and festival activities. This year’s “artist in residence” is the Austiran composer and guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel


This year’s edition of Jazzinty focuses on internationally sought-after Slovenian musicians and composers with innovative and critically acclaimed projects.

Vocals: Zvezdana Novaković

Trumpet: Tomaž Gajšt 

Saxophone: Boštjan Simon

Piano: Vasil Hadžimanov

Guitar: Samo Šalamon

Double bass/electric bass: Robert Jukič

Drums: Kristijan Krajnčan

Introduction to composition: Dré A. Hočevar

Introduction to jazz: Ana Čop 



artist in residence: WOLFGANG MUTHSPIEL

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bas kitara, kontrabas / bass guitar, double bass: PANAGIOTIS ANDREOU

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bobni / drums: BOJAN KRHLANKO

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double bass/electric bass: ROBERT JUKIČ

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introduction to composition: DRÉ A. HOČEVAR

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introduction to jazz: ANA ČOP

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kitara / guitar: SAMO ŠALAMON

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klavir in klaviature / piano and keyboards: JASON LINDNER

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